Fine Pitch Indoor LED Video Wall T V-PH1.25/TV-PH1.5625/TV-PH1.667/TV-PH1.923

Download the full brochure here: Fine Pitch Indoor LED Video Wall T V-PH1.25/TV-PH1.5625/TV-PH1.667/TV-PH1.923.


The TV series fine pitch LED video wall is with high-quality, outstanding stability and display effect. 

It supports front and rear maintenance, solving the space limitation problem for places, such as command centre, monitoring centre, conference centre, and exhibition hall.

Product Features

Interlocking structure between panels, to achieve seamless splicing and quick installation.

Internal design with 360° omni-directional heat dissipation, full die cast aluminium housing to be fully cooling. With system, power supply double backup and loop backup protection, to ensure that the normal display of the screen when there is some fault in some loop or dual nodes. With automatic fault detection and feedback to the control room to be maintained in time and achieve true zero fault.

With module-level point-by-point calibration design, automatic balance correction when power on. Support 2D/3D display at the same time, active 3D without strobe and no resolution loss.

With automatic real-time intelligent monitoring, automatic warning when in sub-health state. Ultra-thin wall structure for real front maintenance.