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It has the characteristics of seamless, perfect display, long lifespan, fast frame changing speed, high refresh, good uniformity, wide viewing angle, high gray level and natural color reproduction. It is widely used in command and dispatch, security monitoring, video conferencing, demonstrations and various indoor conference room display areas.


* It can be used for real-time monitoring and display of the scene, playing various promotional advertisements.

* The product is seamlessly spliced. And the stitching has no visual black seams.

* The module of the display is flexible, flat, curved with smooth splicing.

* DC low voltage power supply, natural heat dissipation without fan and noise.

* User only needs to maintain a single LED pixel or a single module for failure at low maintenance cost but pretty high speed.

* Support for picture correction. Adopted Gamma correction technology can achieve point-by-point brightness color correction.

* Support intelligent light control, which can adjust brightness intelligently, improve picture comfort, and save energy and electricity.

* Ultra-wide viewing angle display. The display screen has a larger viewing range, and the viewing angle is still clear at any angle.

* With ultra-high refresh rate, good picture coherence and high picture fluency.

* The picture is delicate and realistic, and the gray level is still excellent under low brightness.

* Support ultra HD display. Unique image quality enhancement technology effectively improves image clarity, making highspeed picture smooth without smear.

* Supports integrated 3D, touch screen and somatosensory games to enhance entertainment and interactivity.

Module Specifications

Main Specifications