Finance / information release / station / port passenger information guide / airport flight information dynamic display / indoor information display field.


* Display text, numbers, symbols and other content.

* With warning, identifying, guiding and other functions. \


* Structure: modular design, easy installation and maintenance, light weight, strong mobility.

* High brightness: enough and appropriate brightness, but also make people see clearly.

* Energy-saving: Automatic brightness adjustment function, more energy-efficient.

* Cooling: unique cooling technology, safer and longer life expectancy.

* Product customization: according to the needs of users, to create a variety of shapes, a variety of display color optional, to meet the application of different occasions.

* Widely used: can play video, pictures, text and other promotional materials, with wide range of uses.


Product ModelTV-PS5000TV-PS3750TV-PT5000TV-PT3750
LED package formSMD3528SMD2020SMD3528SMD2020
Physical point space (mm)7.624.757.624.75
Physical density17222 points/m²44321 points/m²17222 points/m²44321 points/m²
Color combination of luminous points1R1R1R1G1R1G
Cell board resolution64 x 32
Cell board size (mm)488 x 244304 x 152488 x 244304 x 152
Working voltage (DC)DC +4.2V~+5V
Horizontal viewing angle140°
Vertical viewing angle140°
Maintenance methodsFront maintenance
Average power consumption<40W/m²<78W/m²<66W/m²<132W/m²
Maximum power consumption<101W/m²<195W/m²<165W/m²<331W/m²
Control methodAsynchronous control
Drive deviceConstant current
Drive method1/16 scan
Frame-Changing Frequency≥60HZ
Refresh rate≥480HZ
Grayscale / color2562566553665536
Contrast ratio1000:1
Decay rate (work for three years)≤15%
Ambient temperatureStorage -35° ~ + 85° Work -20° ~ + 50°
Environment humidity10% to 80% No condensation
Working voltage (AC)220V ± 10% / 50HZ or 110V ± 10% / 60HZ
Brightness adjustment methodSoftware 0 to 255 stepless adjustment
Mean Time Between Failure≥ 5000H
Lifetime≤ 100000H
Lamp failure frequency≤ 1/10000 and no continuous out-of-control point