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Outdoor LED Display True Color Series


* Outdoor advertising/outdoor stadium/outdoor stage/outdoor display area.

* Playing advertising and video.

* Shaping the scene for art performance.

* Becoming city landmark.

* Government culture propaganda.


* Seamless splice: Completely seamless splicing without any visual black seam.

* Screen calibration: Gamma correction technology to realize brightness and color correction point

by point.

* Intelligent light control: Intelligent adjusting brightness to improve image comfort level and save

more power.

* Oversized view: Super wide view, larger display visual scope, the picture remains clear at any angle.

* Heat dissipation: Unique heat dissipation technology, more secure in using with longer lifetime.

* Remote control: Remote control screen with more convenient operation.

* Extensive use: It is capable to play video, picture and text.

* IP65: Good protective property to avoid any environmental influence to the service life from the

dust, rain etc.


Product ModelTV-OM400TV-OM500TV-OM800TV-OM1000TV-OM600TV-OM1600
Display cardDVI/HDMI/DP
Maximum power consumption<1200W/m²<800W/m²<1000W/m²<900W/m²<900W/m²<950W/m²
Driving componentsConstant current
Control methodSynchronous control
Refresh rate≥960HZ
Repetition frequency≥60HZ
Driving method1/8 scanning
Gray level/color281 Trillion
Attenuation rate (working for three years)≤15%
White balance brightness(CD/m²)≥6500
Environment temperatureStorage -35°~+85°Working -20°~+50°
Working voltage (AC)220V±10%/50HZ or 110V±10%/60HZ
Environment humidity10% to 80% no condensation
Average fault-free time≥5000H
Speckles rate≤1/10000 no continuous out-of-control point
Brightness adjustment methodSoftware 0 – 255 continuously adjust
LED Package MethodSMD1921SMD2727SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
Lifetime≤ 100000H
Physical points distance(mm)45810616
Physical density62500 point/m²40000 point/m²15625 point/m²10000 point/m²27777 point/m²3906 point/m²
Luminous point color groups1R1G1B
Unit board resolution64 x 3264 x 3232 x 1632 x 1632 x 3216 x 16
Unit board size(mm)256 x 128320 x 160256 x 128320 x 160192 x 192256 x 256
Cabinet resolution256 x 192192 x 192128 x 9696 x 96160 x 16064 x 48
Cabinet size (mm)1024 x 768960 x 9601024 x 768960 x 960960 x 9601024 x 768
Cabinet pixel number49152 point/cabinet36864 point/cabinet12288 point/cabinet9216 point/cabinet25600 point/cabinet3072 point/cabinet
Working voltage (DC)DC +4.2V~+5V
Optimum viewing distance (m)121524301848
Horizontal view angle140°
Vertical view angle140°
Maintenance modeAftersales service
Average power consumption<480W/m²<320W/m²<400W/m²<360W/m²<360W/m²<380W/m²