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Indoor Small Spacing Screen Series


* command dispatch / security monitoring / video conferencing / studio show.

* Real-time monitoring the scene.

* Propaganda purposes, playing a variety of advertising.

* Replace the traditional TV.

* Video conferencing.


* Seamless stitching: completely seamless stitching, stitching without visual black seam.

* Screen correction: gamma correction technology, color brightness can be adjust point by point.

* Intelligent light control: intelligent adjustment of brightness, improve picture definition, more

energy saving.

* Large viewing angle: wide viewing angle, larger visual range,screen image is very clearat any angle.

* Super refresh: super refresh speed, picture, consistency better and more fluent.

* Grayscale: low intensity grayscale still, fine and vivid pictures.

* Ultra HD: unique image quality enhancement technology, effectively improve the image clarity,

high-speed picture is still smooth without smearing.

* 3D: Integrated 3D, touchscreen and somatosensory games to enhance entertaining and interaction



Product ModelTV-PM187TV-PM192TV-PM200TV-PM125TV-PM156TV-PM166
Module Size (mm)240 x 120200 x 100128 x 128240 x 135200 x 100200 x 100
Box Resolution256 x 256208 x 156256 x 256384 x 216256 x 192240 x 180
Box size(mm)480 x 480400 x 300512 x 512480 x 270400 x 300400 x 300
Box pixels65536 points/box32448 points/box65536 points/box82944 points/box49152 points/box43200 points/box
Working voltag (DC)DC +4.2V~+5V
Best viewing distance (m)
Viewing angle-Horizontal140 °
Viewing angle-Vertical140 °
Maintenance modeMaintenance before module
Average power consumption<360W/m²<400W/m²<300W/m²<960W/m²<500W/m²<480W/m²
Maximum power consumption<900W/m²<1000W/m²<750W/m²<2400W/m²<1250W/m²<1200W/m²
Display cardDVI/HDMI/DP
Control modeSynchronous Control
Driving deviceConstant current
Drive mode1/32 Scanning1/26 Scanning1/32 Scanning1/27 Scanning1/32 Scanning1/30 Scanning
Frame change frequency≥60HZ
Refresh rate≥1920HZ
Gray scale/color281 trillion281 trillion281 trillion281trillion281 trillion281 trillion
White Balance Brightness (CD²)800-1000
Decay rate (after work for 3 years)≤15%
Environment temperatureStorage-35°~+85° -20°~+50°
Encapsulation ModeSMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD1010SMD1010SMD1010
Environment humidity10% to 80%No condensation
Working voltage220V±10%/50HZ or 110V±10%/60HZ
Brightness adjustmentSoftware 0 to 255infinitely variable control
Resolution of Module128 x 64104 x 5264 x 64192 x 108128 x 64120 x 60
Luminous point color combination1R1G1B
Pixel Density284440 points/m²270422 points/m²250000 points/m²64000 points/m²409600 points/m²359856 points/m²
Pixel Pitch(mm)1.8751.92321.251.56251.667
Average non faulty time≥5000H
Lamp failure frequency≤1/10000 no continuous out-of-control pixel